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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Major Asselin VS The Angry Video Game Nerd

Long before the Angry Video Game nerd did his Powerglove article, i had been making fun of it, writing articles about NES games, making short films and so on. Yeah, I'm a little bitter about it.

Here is the original post.
Here is the angry video game (nes nerd at the time) nerd's movie about it.
At the time, my video game man cave could have rivaled his own, since then he has made his so glorious i could never think of catching up. That, and i sold the whole collection last year when i downsized. Pictures are on snakepeople.net of the old collection if your interested.
Scroll down to 2002, around September, and you will see Chrys ranting about the glove again. Orginally we made a movie of Matt Clifton trying to beat random NES and getting frustrated because the thing could not work. The video has since been lost, but I'd say around then we made the movie and just never did anything clever with it. If i posted it, i can't find it.
We started with Castlevania, in which simon does nothing but duck. I integrated some of the videos we made of that into the Castlevania page i made for snakepeople.net, sometime in 2002. Located here. Didnt mean to bore ya guys, just thought it was interesting. Love live the Nerd.

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