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Sunday, October 17, 2010

FACT: Google Has a Fleet of Automated Toyotas. This Just In: I Just Shit Myself.

The Breakdown

What I Think Will Happen
Maximum Overdrive!

Google you crazy bastards. Don't you know that if you make them, they will thirst for gas, and eventually take over man-kind? Emilio Estevez really does not have a career right now, so he can help out and do the morse code talk with them, but still...

I'm not all for technology doing what man can already do, well, fairly well. Truckers must be shitting in their pants right now. If Google can market this correctly and prove that it is indeed safe to use, tons of people will be put out of a job. The movie Terminator comes to mind. The term "Singularity", which people did not think would ever happen in our life time, is now being talked about in general conversation.

He is running from a car built by Google.

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