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Saturday, October 9, 2010

This week.. Why so much Star Wars?

I had been collecting pictures en masse, mostly star wars, for a big giant picture archive i was putting together. I had all the makings of a really great gallary when i decided to can it. You may ask yourself, "Major, thats pretty fucked up, your no better than that J.K Rowling whore-bag." or "You remind me of Rachel Ray, although your twice as handsome."
My other website, http://www.snakepeople.net/, is all but dead, but the hits keep coming and i've always kept the site as a FTP for friends and myself for various nonsense. That was going to be the new homepage for pictures and videos, programs and more. Before, it was called The Drop Box. With time being my biggest hill to climb over right now, i decided to scrap the idea and concentrate on our book, and toss the rest into the blog.
Anyways, i thought everyone would appreciate some rare Star Wars stuff, if not just have it in the archive for our ever persistant google visitors to come have at it and take what they wan.t.
Next week: Getting a Macintosh Emulator to work

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