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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Lost Boys 3: The Thirst - The Frog Brothers Are Back!

I hope that they resuscitate Corey Haim's drug fueled body for the next installment. The only thing that could make this movie better for me was if they had a CGI Zombie of Haim looking for Zanax or something. I actually did like him in the first movie, and the second movie his cameo was pretty well done.

My official stance with The Lost Boys 3 is, I will go see it, and most likely enjoy it since it has most of the original cast... That and more vampire killing. From the looks of the trailer it's campy and shitty which are both qualities I enjoy in a B movie feature of this magnitude.

I'm calling it now, CGI or post humus Corey Haim.. FTW.

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