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Monday, December 28, 2009

Of all the things untold, comes more!

Ive decided to make this blog. Yeah i don't know what im thinking, but i have the time to code Snakepeople anymore. Frankly, im admitting i can't do it on my own.

I have alot of talented friends and writing seems to be something we all should be doing, and writing about the things we like is just right where i would like to be.

I'm going to start backlogging posts and get some people involved, so stay tuned. If anyone is out there reading this.. remember this page, come back, bookmark us.

My wife wrote a Blog today, her first. If you are interested in old movies, visit http://girlonreels.blogspot.com/.
She did pretty well. I'm pretty proud of her. Having an interest in old movies in something she is into and she does it well. I don't know if i have the kind of patience to watch old movies, you know. Being in black & white, slow moving and lacking all sort of action.
There are two sides to the coin. Without old movies, there would be no new movies, and so on. Its the classics in cinema that have paved the road for the classics of today. yesterdays black and white, is today's 3D, as it were.

I'm going to talk to gary.. as soon as i get done with the page. Without him i don't know if i can do it! (him and I created and maintained several sites together.. he is a very talented writer)

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