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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why the "Revenge of the Nerds" remake never made it off the ground

Uhh HurHH!

1) The production made the mistake of not filming at the original location, The University of Arizona, and the fields at Texas A&M. They instead chose Emory college, and after two weeks of shooting, were turned away because administrators got around to reading the script.
2)Adam Brody was going to direct it. He was funny in the first season of the O.C.. He likes Journey. Those are pretty much the only things that i can think of that qualify him to direct this movie.
3)None of the original cast was scheduled to appear in any form.
4)Fox Atomic, not having made a movie yet, did not think the movie was good enough to be "their first". I guess they had a winner with "The Hills have Eyes 2" remake.. of a remake.
5)People are not ready for the remake. The original movie still has legs and is funny every time I watch it. Watch this clip and tell me that is not funny.

6) Fuck you, Fox Atomic. I'll never see your piece of shit remake. How dare you shit on one of the best movies in existence. Assholes. You will never make the movie because I will never see it to review it. Adam Brody? Really?

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