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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween from The Hole!

Happy Halloween!

Guess what I'll be doing this holiday? You're right! Drinking my face off. Later I will be pawning off my son's cuteness to the neighbors in exchange for candy which i will eat while I look at them out the window like a creepy bastard.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Operation "Dead Drop" Anonymous File Sharing Espionage

A person by the name of Aram Bartholl has put large size USB drives into walls, curbs, and solid objects all around the NYC area, 5 in total. You can take your USB device of choice, plug it into the wall and share files anonymously.. and it's all offline so completely untraceable.

Spies, government officials, and all around James Bond types have used this in the past using Dead Drop Spikes, a kind of metal spear you drive into the ground or wall with a metal cap that contains money, identification or pertinent information of a secret nature. This USB project is a play on that.

I call this the next big thing. I can imagine a website detailing thousands of "Dead Drops" in your local town or city where people can exchange untraceable information. Police could in theory find these USB drops and remove them or even take the information for themselves, but the implement remains.. no one would ever know the information you put on there was yours. This my friends, is genius. Watch for this to blow up soon.

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This One's for the Ladies

The other day I blogged Bare Maidens : Live Nude Magical Elves , and to make a long story short the little misses was none to pleased. Not that I was posting hot naked mythical vixens, seriously did you see that blond? Instead she just stated her opinion that all men ever do is post pictures of half naked women or in the case of Bare Maidens, fully naked women cramming a viking's horn straight to Valhalla! I got so caught up in the moment, I almost agreed. My natural instincts knew this could not be. So, to fulfill my duty as a man to prove her wrong.....

This is for all you ladies out there who think that there is nothing out there but Lindsay Lohans vagina pasted on every web page, (it's not on every one right now, but it really should be, just saying).

Ladies...I give you..... >>> Burt on Bearskin!!

1910 Halloween Costumes (Creepy!)


These photos are from the 1910 National Geographic Magazine, about an article on Halloween. Check out the kid with the swasticas on! I suppose it did not mean what it does now.. still awesome. Click any of the pictures to enlarge.

Thriller Gets the 8 Bit Treatment

8 Vintage Star Wars Travel Posters (Fan Made)

 Click to enlarge.


Reptilian {Yonggary} (1999) Torrent Download

Oh noes! It Godzirra!

Evil Ed (1997) Torrent Download

This downloaded pretty fast for me, must have had some really good seeders. Audio 9, Video 9.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bare Maidens : Live Nude Magical Elves

Bare Maidens, a fantasy world based on books, movies, and role playing games. Created with pride by gamers, fantasy fans, and lovers of beautiful women, Bare Maidens is an erotic collection of images, movies, maps, characters, items and stories. They strongly emphasize high quality, their goal is to deliver the best erotic fantasy on the web in an emersive world.

This has to be one of the best Medieval Fantasy Sex website I have seen in a long time. Not only are these rogues, elves, cavaliers, & demons sexy as hell, and have no problem groping, sucking and fucking for the camera, you actually want to see what else happens (OK, maybe not)....but these short, well-budgeted movies are definitely worth a watch for any fantasy pervert fan that just needs a few minutes to watch a large breasted Ranger go down on a Orc as a demon sorceress licks her from behind to rub one out before heading to the in-laws from a late brunch.

Bare Maidens : Our world consists of three important ingredients: Art, Fantasy, and Sex. We bring these elements into every movie and set of still images we create. If you're questing for quality WoW porn, this is the place. We are gamers, lovers of fantasy, and beautiful women. On the planet Arta, you can see what an 18 Charisma looks like, a ring of power on a hot elf, how potions are used, batteling amazons, and anything else you might encounter in a fantasy adventure, but here you will see more. More skin, more lust, more sex, more WoW nude, D&D nude, LOTR nude... That's right, all our beautiful adventurers get nude. Some will masturbate for you, and some will go the whole way. Why are we not watching this right now??

Charlie Chaplin's Time Traveler Myth Debunked (kinda)

Remember the time traveler I talked about earlier? Well, apparently some researchers have identified the object in question as a Siemens 1924 hearing aid -- also known as an ear trumpet -- rather than a cell phone. Bullshit I say.

Personally I just like the idea of people being caught using time machines then fucking up old movies. Seriously I'm going to pretend this post never existed.

Robot Jox (1990) Torrent Download

What really let me down about this movie is the actual lack of robot fighting, i think 2 1/2 times in 2 hours does any real robot fighting happen, and it's kind of slow motion B movies style exaggerated nonsense. I still like it. I like it knowing the acting is fully a pile of crap, and also knowing robots are cool.

Robot Wars {Robot Jox 2} (1993) Torrent Download

One of the best/worst late night Showtime movies when I was a stripling. Could not turn it off!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My New Ringtone

Dungeons & Dragons Revisited

Dungeons & Dragons is an animated television series based on TSR's Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. A co-production of Marvel Productions and TSR, the show was popular in the United States and ran for three seasons on CBS.
The level of violence was controversial for American children's television at the time, and the script of one episode, "The Dragon's Graveyard", was almost shelved because the characters contemplated killing their nemesis, Venger. In 1985, the National Coalition on Television Violence claimed it was the most violent show on network television.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ernest Scared Stupid (1991) Torrent Download

Download this torrent now! (If you really want to)

Time Traveller in Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus" 1928

Rewind time to 1928, and the set of the movie "The Circus", starring Charlie Chaplin. Mind you, cell phones, walkie-talkies, hand held radios without antenna's.. all not invented yet. So why would and extra from the movie be walking around with a cell phone in their hand, talking away, in 1928? I call it a chronological anomaly of epic porportions.

Typically I poke fun at things like this, but I have no other explaination. If you Google this nonsense, it's huge, people from all over are screening the footage. A team of people are trying to find out who the person is from logs of extras paid at the movie set, with no avail. Everything about this stinks of Deloreans and time travel. Personally, I'm almost certain it's an eleaborate hoax from whoever put the special features on the DVD, some special effects person with nothing better to do. If anyone has an original reel that can prove that this was filmed this way, then I may be a believer.

This proves that there are obvious, overlooked Anachronisms in old motion pictures if you look hard enough, and I think there are alot more to come. Video Proof below.

Video Of A Time Traveler? - Watch more Funny Videos

Now this shit is really getting outta' hand!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 (1990) Torrent Download

Not the best movie, but super entertaining all the same. Enjoy guys. (Hit follow on the left)

Modder Makes Samus' Arm Cannon

I thought Samus was a girl, but seeing how this is a pretty rad mod, i'll let this one slip by without comment.
Okay I can't not say anything. If my son asks me when he is old enough if he can be Samus I'll smile at him and say yes, but then i will ask him several questions including: "Are you a fag?" - "Did your mother put you up to this?" - "Does this have anything to do with uncle Morgan?"

If he passes all these questions I'll let it go, take my Homosil for extra tolerance, and drink Miller High Life Light untill the feeling passes.

The Force Unleashed 2 Video Review

This game looks very, very good. I have not played it all, but have watched someone play the demo, which gave me the pee-shivers in my lower boner.

If I owned a console I would obviously go buy this game right away as it seems right up my alley.. but for now I will save my pennies untill the PC version is in my grasp. 4x multisample anyone? Review below.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hide your Kids, Hide your Wife, and hide your Husband, cuz they raping everybody out here.


Thanks Baby, Good call.

Monkey Shines (1988) Torrent Download

I like this poster better, though i can not read it. Download the torrent now!

My mother had this VHS tape laying around in a huge clam shell case in one of our bookcases. I was not told not to watch it, so one night i popped it in when i was alone and was scared shitless. It was everything i could do to make sure nothing was in or under my bed, in the closet. Small monkeys could be hiding anywhere and they kill handicapped people needlessly everyday. Deceptive little bastards.

Google Summons Mecha-Jesus

I like the website, Fark. I think it's the intelligent person's CNN, so I keep up to date with it, read it, and commit the finer parts to memory. This would be one of those things. Google has decided as part of their 20th Anniversary celebrations that they were going to to digitally process all 30,000+ pages of the Dead Sea Scrolls. As a rule, when I see anything "Google" that is not directly involved with their search engine, I say "Fuck it, who cares." Google apparently wants the monopoly on religion as well, which is just fine with me.

Google needs to touch every pussy, dick and asshole in the universe before they feel loved.. and I know exactly how they feel. I envy those employees at Google when they get to look at things most people have not: Books of the Bible that were found in those caves, long forgotten texts, and the earliest known version of the Hebrew Bible. I'd like to think they overlooked something.. something so important... One thing that the Google researches found in the earthen pots, forgotten for ages.. swept away by the winds of time:

Mecha Jesus.

So I'm pretty excited about the first copy of these digitized fragmented documents, needless to say. Hopefully if i catch Google early enough so I can summon my very own Mecha Jesus first. From what I've read it's pretty easy to do and Mecha Jesus knows how to cook Hot Pockets so the shit does not spill out the ends when they are not sealed real good. (Morgan says I cooked it too long, which is bullshit)

Included with your instructions on Google's homepage to summon your own Mecha Jesus, there is a new owners manual that explains how to control him. It's all in Hebrew, but luckily Google has that translator thing which works for that. Hebrew is God's language, and the Hebrew people are the chosen, so naturally Mecha Jesus only eats Matzoh and brown baby food made from ground up foreskins like in Robocop.

One drawback: He despises foreskin, and knows if you have it, so if you have foreskin I don't think Mecha Jesus summoning is for you until the next version comes out, which is being released by Steve Jobs. The rumored name for the second version is "Copeland Snowlions". That one will be considered green, and only use solar power and just a little tiny bit of the aforementioned Foreskin Yogurt.

Black Ops + White Rapper = Awesome

Gamer, non-gamer, goddamn weekend freaking warrior, I don't care. Pre-order this game. Hardened Edition if you've got any balls. Then look for SyntaxError in the "just killed by" area.

Bring your skills.....weak.

The Legend of Zelda/The Birth of a Gamer

I was six when I started playing The Legend of Zelda. It was the most amazing game I’ve ever played and remains so to this day. I remember looking through all my uncle’s old games. There was the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt combo that I figured I had mastered because I could beat the Dinosaur at the end; also I cheated at Duck Hunt by holding the gun really close to the TV. There was Tetris, which looked like a terrible game that had to do with math or puzzles or something that my teacher would want me to play. There was Donkey Kong which lost its appeal precisely four levels in after I realized that it was the same three levels over and over again…only more difficult each time. I was an aged master of all these games by seven. I even started playing Tetris. (This was purely for the outrageous cartoon sequence at the end with the crazy shaped rockets)

Then one day a friend of mine brought over a Nintendo game that was gold…GOLD!! I was pretty sure it contained actual magic (a fact that has yet to be disproven). There was a problem though. My friend said that it was broken. His logic was that something had to be wrong because when he pushed the “A” button he couldn’t jump on the monsters and whenever he tried he would end up losing hearts and dying. Also there were these things called rupees (obviously misspelled and green instead of red) which were a terrible rip-off of Mario’s coins, except that there were only a few of them in the whole game. Whoever this ‘Zelda’ person was, he obviously couldn’t hold a candle to Mario. (No pun intended.)

Being the logical problem solver I was in my youth, I took a scientific approach to the game. My friend and I wandered endlessly trying every button combination we could think of; dedicated to ridding the in-game world of these pesky jumping spiders, blue goombas, red goombas, and even the dreaded sumo-pigknights with spears. We enjoyed ourselves, but failed utterly at our goal for about 2 months which, by a six-year-olds count, is about 12 years. We were about to give up when we had an epiphany that went something like this:

“Hey, what’s that black spot at the beginning of the game in the huge green thing?”

“Not sure, probably a glitch like when you dropped your Double Dragon 2 in the puddle outside the house and it made everything really blurry…”

“No I don’t think it is”

“Well what is it then?”

“I don’t know. I’m gonna walk over by it.”

Suddenly we went walked down some previously hidden stairs into black chamber. We had seen this before, and were prepared for yet another dungeon to run through until we inevitably died. This time it was different though. There was a man. A sword was in front of him.

Now, yesterday I held off a double six pool zergling rush with my army of two well-placed pylons, three zealots and two spare probes to the thrill of my 2v2 teammate who gleefully giggled as his mutalisk rush simultaneously decimated the home bases of the unprepared Silver League, Rank 2, Zerg players. The day before, I shot 43 cowboys dead in an expert targeting mode, Miners vs. Lawmen, free for all shootout, much to the chagrin of the French players who got second and third and wasted no time in cursing me out in their best English. Last week, my 10th level subtlety rogue and I set foot in Westfall for the first time ever and immediately Shadowstepping behind an enemy using Ambush to kill it in one shot, only to loot it and find a ring that gives plus three to both stamina AND agility!

None of those amazing gaming experiences can even hold a match to the elation of finally, after two months of devout playing and searching, discovering the sword in Zelda. With those four notes of ultimate discovery, the gaming world made sense. We eventually beat Zelda over the course of the next three or four years. It was really, really difficult, and because of that just as rewarding. No gaming experience will ever match the power held within the Gold Cartridge. It’s truly a piece of the Tri-force itself.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brain Damage (1988) Torrent Download

As of about 5 minutes ago, this torrent was fast and hot. The movie is hilarious.. a must watch!

Your Retro Computing Moment of Zen

A blazing fast 4.77mhz processor. Woot!

Whorelore: World of Warcraft-Inspired Porn Series

Whorelore: Swords, Sorcery, and Sex is a web-porn series based on the immensely popular massive multiplayer online role-playing game, World of Warcraft.

Whorelore, now in its second season, started in 2006. Originally called Whorecraft, the title had to be changed due to some hush-hush legal flack, most likely from World of Warcraft makers Blizzard Entertainment.

The six, half-hour episodes in season one feature everything from two armor-clad, busty blond warriors to a masturbating troll. (Not seen here.) The second season of six more 30-minute episodes is still in production. The Whorelore website describes it as a struggle between light and dark, with a villain "capable of vanquishing those who thrive for harmony." Dont worry, that just means there's a magical nympho who likes to deep-throat elf ears. All seven finished episodes of Whorelore are available online for 7.99 to $8.99.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Zombicon: 2010 - Downtown Fort Myers - Florida

Somthing some friends of mine cooked up about 5 years ago that didn't really turn out so well in the past. I tried to get involved, but it was so hard to get interest that really no one cared. Tossed around ideas, made plans, very few people showed up. The bars didn't want to get involved, city could give a damn and so on. This year was a huge turn out, thousands of people showed up, (as did I) and you couldnt move an inch. Police did not barracde the streets, but I have a good feeling they will next years when a wave 5000 strong of zombies comes walking down first street again.

Zombicon is a homage to Romero's Day/Dawn of the dead in which several scenes (one in particular) were filmed in wonderful boring Ft Myers. Pictures below, more to come.

Star Trek Pumpkin Carving, For the Win

These blessed pumpkins are nothing short of sculpted masterpieces. If i had such a gift, I can only dream what things I could create.. Like Trek pumpkins for instance.

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