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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It does not have to make any sense at all, come hither.

TIP: if you're camping in the summer and the attractive girl in the next tent tells you that because it's so hot she will be sleeping with her flaps open, it's not necessarily an invitation to casual sex. Wish me luck - I appear in court next Monday.
"What then is truth? A mobile army of metaphors, metonyms, and anthropomorphisms -- in short, a sum of human relations, which have been enhanced, transposed, and embellished poetically and rhetorically, and which after long use seem firm, canonical, and obligatory to a people: truths are illusions about which one has forgotten that is what they are; metaphors which are worn out and without sensuous power; coins which have lost their pictures and now matter only as metal, no longer as coins.
We still do not know where the urge for truth comes from; for as yet we have heard only of the obligation imposed by society that it should exist: to be truthful means using the customary metaphors - in moral terms, the obligation to lie according to fixed convention, to lie herd-like in a style obligatory for all."
When I have a need to explore the human weakness I visit sixbillionsecrets.com and have a chuckle. Because really - just kill yourself.

I want someone to take pictures of the suicides and compile them into a website like they use to have for Myspace. It would show you their page and their death of choice. It was really uplifting. Cut away idiots, the planet will thank you for your compost!

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