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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Zombicon: 2010 - Downtown Fort Myers - Florida

Somthing some friends of mine cooked up about 5 years ago that didn't really turn out so well in the past. I tried to get involved, but it was so hard to get interest that really no one cared. Tossed around ideas, made plans, very few people showed up. The bars didn't want to get involved, city could give a damn and so on. This year was a huge turn out, thousands of people showed up, (as did I) and you couldnt move an inch. Police did not barracde the streets, but I have a good feeling they will next years when a wave 5000 strong of zombies comes walking down first street again.

Zombicon is a homage to Romero's Day/Dawn of the dead in which several scenes (one in particular) were filmed in wonderful boring Ft Myers. Pictures below, more to come.

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