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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Group Discussion: Top 100 Sci-Fi Books

I took this picture from this website. Its a current and ever changing list that the Science Fiction community goes by. I disagree with some of it.

I'll talk top 10 and just let me know in the comments if you disagree.

1) Move Neuromancer to #2. The book changed how we think about the world, before it happened. Coined the terms Cyberspace, Internet, The Web, The Net. (side note: Sold my first edition on Ebay last year.)
2)Dune is sci-fi, but its fantasy too. Its modern fantasy and it reads like the bible so its not for everyone. It needs to be put down to #5. (The movie sucks HARD, but i watch it anyways)
3) 1984 was another huge book, and probably the most read on the list being it being in the school and college curriculum for years now. I feel this book made the top 10 just for that reason. I'm going to throw it down the list to #13 or so. Sorry guys, I've put alot of thought into this one and I'd rather read other books.
4) I, Robot is an awesome book, one of my personal favorites. It's on this list because it talked robot culture, and robotics in general... but not for the first time. Foundation coined the terms and used the same premises, so I'm removing I, Robot from the list and tossing it to #11.
5) You knew this was coming. Hitchhikers Guide does not belong in the top 10 at all. Its a funny book, it makes you think against the grain, but i read a whole chapter in the second book about the engines running on a waitresses tip book, and when the engine bay was finally looked at, sure enough there is a french cafe in there.
6) Ringworld to #4. If you have not read Ringworld, then i don't want to hear it. Halo references welcome.

How many of these books could i have read? I just picked apart the top 100 and these are the books i do not own: (read as well)

-14 Arthur C Clarke Rendezvous With Rama
-31 Alfred Bester The Stars My Destination
-33 Roger Zelazny Lord of Light
-67 Harry Harrison The Stainless Steel Rat [S1]
-90 John Scalzi Old Man's War

Most of the books i have on this list i own in "Top Science Fiction Books of 19xx" compilations so I'm cheating, but I've read them, enjoy them all, disagree with some. People will argue that i did not move Ender's Game. I don't like Orson Scott Card personally, he believes in the wrongs things, sues people for stupid shit and is Mormon but fuck sir, Ender's Game is genius and i can't describe it any other way.

Also i don't think anyone will agree with me but i think Killobyte by Piers Anthony deserves at least an honorable mention in the top 100. I did not see any of his books in there, and some of his books from the 60's were groundbreaking and deserved a spot for sure. Other lists mention him several times but lets no go there right now. Killobyte is one of the first books to really take the (then trivial) world of Online Gaming serious, explore it's roots and to explain in detail how people can forget themselves inside of a mere "game". With over 75 million people playing just a dozen online games, I'm surprised this book is not much more popular than it is. Remember this book was conceived in 1981, far before virtual reality. He was sure that when he would be done with the book in 1991, that virtual reality over networks and MMORPGs would more popular than they were. Hrm.

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