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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back to the Future 25th Photoshoot Interview

Fucking awesome. If you are a fan, and you have not seen this, fuck you.

(Thanks to TheProfessor for correcting my horrible syntax. I should hire him, I'm starting to notice mistakes everywhere.)


  1. Damn you, damn you. I found YOUR blog from the avgn's site today and was really liking what I saw. Then.... you hit my pet peeve. The deal breaker.

    You said "If YOUR a fan...", using the incorrect possessive form of the contraction of "you are".

    At first you sounded like a witty and educated blogger. Then you had to ruin it by displaying a show of ignorance which I have come to find at least 50 times a day on the internet.

    Why can't people remember how to use that fucking word? Why? Why must our society constantly degenerate into apes sitting in front of a screen? Why?

    I just met you, but I would expect better of you my friend. Please do not add to the mounting idiocracy that is destroying literacy in our culture.

    Fix it.

  2. Me grammar bad. Speeling too. Me fix!

  3. I noticed it too. Capitalize the I's as well.

  4. Calm down now! I make mistakes.. often!

  5. Hey Major....

    Sorry if I came off like a jerk. I was in a bitchy mood. I really like your blog... usually when someone posts a link on someone else's site (avgn) I kinda think they're jerks themselves. But your link was well worth it.

    And thanks a alot for posting those rare-ass films the AVGN is reviewing. I was looking for them everywhere with no luck until running into your blog.

    Thanks again....


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