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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Playorc Author Finds Unknown Hole

Kevin Williams is the author of The Tales of the Wars, hosted on Playorc.com. He responded to my small article about me throwing up while reading his his unusally well written story of battles and orc sex. Sweet, sweet orc sex. The above picture i believe was drawn by him as well, and was given generous detail when drawing the breasts.

I meant to post this a while back but never got around to it, so here is the short conversation. Kevin, if you google your name again and see this, shoot me an email; the people have spoken and they want more orc sex stories. I'll post them, take advantage of Unknown's wide Google fan base of anonymous viewers.

The Extreme Team - The New Epic Video Series

Caught the link on Facebook from Muscles Glasses of EpicMealTime fame. One of the very few times i laughed out loud when watching YouTube.

Favorite quote: "It looks like the Philippines."

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Legend of Zelda NES Case Mod w/bonus Video

Made by Ryan Fitzpatrick (aka “Platinumfungi,”)

Why do we love Adrianne Curry?

1) She plays World of Warcraft. I'm not saying that's the best game in the world or anything, but I play it, and I'm a strong believer that most hot chicks play it and possibly do so completely nude. In the shower.

2) She shows up at conventions, in Slave Leia gear.

3) I feel as if, if she is a nerd and not faking her inner-geek to exploit those who give her exposure, then she really is some kind of champion of geek vagina. Bloggers, webmasters, choice-makers, and nerds everywhere love the pictures like the ones above because it gives them hope that hot chicks do really like to be nerdy.

4) She is almost always on twitter showing her boobs.

Doom running on a TI enspire CX Calculator.. in color.

Finally, a color version of Doom has been hacked to run on a Ti-nspire CX calculator. One slight caveat: the "controls had to be tweaked a bit and a custom Doom menu was created to make it different from the plain DOS version of the game." Continue reading for a video.

Legend of Zelda Cufflinks - Wait.. Listen!

There was a time where i would do anything to have these. I would sell a child, deal drugs, or have sex with old ladies. Really old ladies. Okay maybe i would not sell a child...

Buy them here. Be quick, time is of the essence!

Piratebay.com S.O.P.A. Header

Microsoft.. Word.

World's Record NES Controller

The massive controller measures approximately 12ft (w) x 5 ft (d) 3 in x 1ft 8 in (h), and weighs in at a whopping 265 pounds. It was built by Ben Allen, along with Stephen van ‘t Hof and Michel Verhulst.
The controller cost over $6,000 (USD) to construct, and yes – it does play games. The thing is so big that it takes at least two people to play a game with it, as the armspan required to use the D-Pad at the same time as the A/B buttons is too wide for even the likes of Yao Ming. Hence, my comment about Co-Op mode in the title above.

Running a Nintendo DS Emulator.. Part 1

I decided i wanted to play Nintendo DS today. I use to own one, actually several. My last one i modded several different ways to take advantage of the amount of games that you can download and never pay for. If anything, I did not want to pay for games. I've installed DS emulators before to take screenshots and so on, but never really played one out-right, or reviewed a particular one.
(Castlevania - Order of Ecclesia)

The above screen shot i took using the in-program screenshot menu option provided by NO$GBA Emulator. I'll break it down quickly: Don't download iDeaS emulator. It sucks, its very hard to get it to work. The options suck. Any combination of settings resulted in either a gray screen, a blue screen, or a black screen. I was never able to get video or sound to work, and i tried everything. I read their forums for help, but it looks as if the eumlator is no longer being supported. NDSEmu emulator was a bit better. I was able to get the rom to open without a problem but the sound was so off.. i mean it was bad. The speed of the game is not set to auto by default, so i had to change that, but it did little to help. The game throttles speed incorrectly with no setting to get it right. This makes most games with timing issues to be unplayable.

The last emulator i used was NO$GBA, which was spot on. No problems from the first time i started it. Options are great, menus are awesome. Picked up my game-pad without any configuartion. (wow) Any DS rom worked from the few i downloaded.

Don't waste your time with the other garbage. Download NO$GBA.

Bacon Tits

Monday, January 16, 2012

People want to see my what? Oh, desk.

I have had several people eMail me and ask for pictures of the things that I buy actually on my desk. It's almost like people do not believe i would waste such money on computer thingys.

After the 32 inch monitor post they started coming in, but i had not posted in a while, being burned out and all, so i did the only thing I'm good at, I ignored them. So, here are some pictures i just took about 5 minutes ago.

There they are, all the shit I have been blogging about getting for the past six months or so. I can't remember if i blogged about the Pen Tablet or not, so there it is, a Genius 10 Pentab with Swipe. Swipe is like an Itampax like touch thing. I don't use it. I used black poster board for the inside of the desk because i was getting terrible glare from the reflection on the glossy wood surface. The speaker system in a Creative 7.1 THX boxed system i got from Best Buy years ago. I replaced the center channel with two other speakers when i upgraded my sound card because it supported that. The subwoofer on the desk goes along with that. The big grey box on the desk to the right is another subwoofer that has a super-duper low bass response that a boxed speaker system could never get down to. It's controlled by a Yamaha amp on the other side of the room. I'll take a picture of that in a moment. Also located on the desk: The Raptor 7.1 gaming headset, an external DVD drive so I burn more than one thing at a time, the Nostromo, the Cyborg, Microsoft gaming keyboard and mouse, remotes for the bullshit laying around, and on top, three multimedia PCs that i made using old DVR boxes designed for those TV's in Walmart. I should do a blog about those sometime as they are pretty unique.

I guess you can call that the power center. It's right behind my desk and consists of two Klipsch floor speakers which have two kevlar 8 inch drivers and one horn tweeter in the front and one 15 inch bass-reflex subwoofer in the back. Above each one is an Altec Lansing double 3 inch loud speaker. I don't normally turn these on unless my wife is not home, or if i want to show off when my friends are over. With those same Klipsch speakers i was able to knock the sliding glass door off the track down stairs while watching Star Wars.

So that's it, ye nay-sayers. I spend way too much time on the computer not to have a good one with the features i like, so.. Keep the emails coming. Sorry I took so long to respond. 

I upgraded my Video Card.

You may be asking yourself, "Why do I care Major?" And the reason is: Because I fucking do, thats why.

Everyone i know had something better than me, i had a Geforce 520 which i overclocked the hell out of for the longest time. Then came Skyrim, and the old 520 just groaned under the stress. So i found an open box GeForce GTX 560 Ti at CompUSA and bought that. No more groaning, noisy fans or crazy overclocking. Well, maybe the overclocking.

The new Geforce App you can get from their website has built in features for overclocking. Super customizable, easy to screw up.. just the way I like it. I kept the old video card and put it in a buddy's computer I'm fixing up. I had an 8400GS laying around so i put that in the other-other buddy's computer I'm also fixing up. Wait, let me a take a picture because this is pretty interesting.

Okay so the computer on the left belongs to Friend #1, and the one on the right belongs to Friend #2.  Left computer is a Core 2 Quad Gateway, the other one is the slightly older Tri-Core Phenom Gateway. Both have blue screens and heat problems with the video card that was supplied with it. I have rebuilt both computers and they are waiting for me to install an operating system.

This model of Gateway, GT56XX series, is the biggest piece of crap on the planet. After two years, the fans begin the quit, the ram starts to die without cause, and are plagued with heat-control issues. Friend #1 supplied a power supply which is a good start until i found that the ram had gone, the video card, the hard drive, and all the cables had to be replaced as well as the video card. An extra fan must be installed in this model so it wont blue-screen every five minutes. Anyways, i did the same to both and they both turn on. Friend #1 could not wait on me to fix the computer any longer and bought a new much better one, so said i could keep the old one. What do i do with it? Friend #2 i think is dead.

If you ever want to buy a used computer, never buy one like the pictures above. If you do, don't ask me to fix them.

**Update** I unlocked the fourth core on the tri-core phenom. It's a Bios thing, anyone can do it, especially if you don't care if the thing dies or not.

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