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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Redoing Some Things - Stay Tuned - (Click follow on the left, show some love!)

Follow me you will. Yes.

I'm going to update some and change things, add authors, get rid of some, it's going to be that kind of week. Changing the "About the authors" pages first, then moving on.

Let me know what you think in the comments.. or maybe.. click follow me on the left side of the page there? You see it, just do it. Love me.


  1. Hey Major....

    (Posting this again, just to make sure you see it)

    Sorry if I came off like a jerk. I was in a bitchy mood. I really like your blog... usually when someone posts a link on someone else's site (avgn) I kinda think they're jerks themselves. But your link was well worth it.

    And thanks a alot for posting those rare-ass films the AVGN is reviewing. I was looking for them everywhere with no luck until running into your blog.

    Thanks again....

  2. It's all good. Glad I won you over!

    Real quick: Ever thought of writing for the blog? It's obvious you have a fair share of talent/attitude. I'll talk to the guys, see what they think.. that is, if you are interested.

    (I showed my buddy chris the comment you made and we both thought it was awesome, last night.)


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