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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Night of the Demon (1980) Torrent Download

James comes through with another awesome review, so I feel obligated to let everyone see it. The Torrent is up! Download now!

As a side note, I got a few messages asking why I don't review the movies that I post. The movies that I'am posting are link-backs from Cinemassacre.com, a great website that is doing a Monster Madness thing right now. I'm a huge fan, and I feel that the people who are reading the reviews want to see the movie, so I find them and make them available. I could not do better than James in his video reviews. He is the master.

If anyone is coming from Cinemassacre from a link I put up, thanks for coming, click follow on the left, and I'll try not to be boring. (update: 10/22/10 most view page on the site, 1122 unique pageviews)

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