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My name is Major, and my heart is black and full of hate...

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 Major Asselin - 30 - Admin

(That's me with a Delorean)

My name is Major, that's my real name, not some nick name. I'am an active member of the emulation community for classic video games and have written numerous popular articles on several "nerdy" subjects. I use to own and operate Snakepeople: NES Masters. I write about things I like, mainly anything geeky or subject to my brand of object humiliation.

I'm the author of the book, Syntax Error with my friend, Morgan Hallett. Link is broken and I have not spoken to Morgan in years, because I would not be the best man at his wedding.

I owned a computer repair shop and web design company, sold them both, produced plays/shows, now i police the beer trade. Company information.

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I also have a laserdisc collection.

I like the following things:


Liquor (I once managed a liquor store)

Dungeons & Dragons (and women of varying races)
I dated a girl that looked like dwarf female I swear it; her name was Jessica. She had big boobs.

The movie Willow was not bad at all.

My Desktop computer specs:

Intel Core I7 6700k 4.0GHZ 8 Core
12288MB RAM
Hard Drive:
225GB SSD, 2TB Hybrid SSD, 1.8TB Standard
Video Card:
NVIDIA GeForce 1060TI Superclocked (EVGA)
40" AsusHD 1080p 120hz
Sound Card:
SoundBlaster Live! Titanium 7.1 (SRS Audio Sandbox (WDM))
Razer Kraken Pro White 7.1
Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Gaming
Razer Chroma 12 key
Mouse Surface:
Belkin Speed Pad
Operating System:
Windows 10 Home
Intel 7th generation single slot
Computer Case:
Asus M32

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