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Friday, October 15, 2010

MGM Has decided to make The Hobbit, Major sneers in comtempt

Balls to that i say, and a double-dy cockle shitter nuts as well.

There was nothing wrong with the original animated movie. As a young man growing up in a sleepy town in Vermont, nothing was better than firing up The Hobbit and getting the book to reference along side of it. I even enjoyed the music.

Would i go see The Hobbit in the movie theatre when it comes out? That would be a resounding fuck-to-the-yes. I know, don't take my negative reinforcement as an indication i don't want it to happen; i just have a feeling it wont. Several production companies have tried and failed. So I'm interested.

Filming begins in February 2011. No one has been casted. The people at MGM are fucking idiots who don't know there ass from a line up at your local gentlemans club.

I'm officially putting an Unknown Hole In the Sky POX on MGM and hope that they fail and the responsibility of this movie is given to someone else. And not George Lucas, please not him. I'd take that Spielberg guy again to save myself from lasting eye and brain damage, rather than see The Lucas cast some tards who will steal my money and make me write about this again in the future.

Until then, I'm off to eat second breakfast.

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