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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

25th Anniversary Back to the Future Blu-Ray Trilogy: Now with more Eric Stoltz

I has seen screen shots of Eric in Marty's role a long, long time ago, which eventually made it to Wikipedia. None of the original production had ever addmitted in re-filming, but obviously they did, and had nothing left to add to the new Blu Ray, so they admitted they were assholes for firing Mr. Stoltz.
Unless the new Blu Ray set has the Eric Stoltz version in it's finished form, then i don't want it. I still have my VHS collection and I'm happy with that. Would be neat to have the same movie with just one actor different? I think it would. While we are on the subject, I call a do-over on Krull. Most of the cast sucked. The spinning knife thing (Glaive, i looked it up) was awesome and the rest can go.
Are you listening to me you Hollywood assholes? Eh?!

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