Hole in the sky?

My name is Major, and my heart is black and full of hate...

Friday, October 22, 2010

For the Xtreme Generation

Hi kids, Joker here. A little birdie told me alot of you out there were worried about having sex, cause it might lead to that ten dollar whore you rented for the night getting prego. Oh phooey, now you listen to your old Uncle J, there is nothing to be scared of at all. Because one, that roofie you gave her wasn't really a roofie at all, but a chemical compound that we don't have time to explain right now. And two, there were a number of options I felt I needed to look into just in case my own little homicidal sweetheart Harley really did get knocked up! And low and behold, imagine my surprise when I came across this little gem. Salope ne va pas de saigner elle-même.

Perfecto! No sense wasting good hangers ever again. I've already gotten Harley on the waiting list. Cause take it from me, there ain't nothing like a little Bare-backing! Joker approved! AHH HAA HAA HAA HAAAA HAAAA

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