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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Operation "Dead Drop" Anonymous File Sharing Espionage

A person by the name of Aram Bartholl has put large size USB drives into walls, curbs, and solid objects all around the NYC area, 5 in total. You can take your USB device of choice, plug it into the wall and share files anonymously.. and it's all offline so completely untraceable.

Spies, government officials, and all around James Bond types have used this in the past using Dead Drop Spikes, a kind of metal spear you drive into the ground or wall with a metal cap that contains money, identification or pertinent information of a secret nature. This USB project is a play on that.

I call this the next big thing. I can imagine a website detailing thousands of "Dead Drops" in your local town or city where people can exchange untraceable information. Police could in theory find these USB drops and remove them or even take the information for themselves, but the implement remains.. no one would ever know the information you put on there was yours. This my friends, is genius. Watch for this to blow up soon.

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