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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time Traveller in Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus" 1928

Rewind time to 1928, and the set of the movie "The Circus", starring Charlie Chaplin. Mind you, cell phones, walkie-talkies, hand held radios without antenna's.. all not invented yet. So why would and extra from the movie be walking around with a cell phone in their hand, talking away, in 1928? I call it a chronological anomaly of epic porportions.

Typically I poke fun at things like this, but I have no other explaination. If you Google this nonsense, it's huge, people from all over are screening the footage. A team of people are trying to find out who the person is from logs of extras paid at the movie set, with no avail. Everything about this stinks of Deloreans and time travel. Personally, I'm almost certain it's an eleaborate hoax from whoever put the special features on the DVD, some special effects person with nothing better to do. If anyone has an original reel that can prove that this was filmed this way, then I may be a believer.

This proves that there are obvious, overlooked Anachronisms in old motion pictures if you look hard enough, and I think there are alot more to come. Video Proof below.

Video Of A Time Traveler? - Watch more Funny Videos


  1. Ok. So let's say she's a time traveler. Where is the cell signal coming from? There were no cell towers or satellites back then. Who is she talking to? Is there another time traveler elsewhere off camera? Maybe her mom in Florida? LOL Is she talking to someone in the future? Is the signal traveling through time, too? It's intriguing and fun to speculate on, but there is either some other explanation, or this is a very elaborate hoax. We're watching this old footage and passing it through the filter of our modern experiences, and probably misinterpreting it.

  2. Moreover, if she's a time traveler then we were meant to see this. The time travelers could go back in time and make sure this never happened...

    Unless of course this is he ultimate victory of the Time Travel Liberation for All Ages Coalition (TLAAC)a terrorist group dedicated to revealing time travel to all past humans, and billions of people died to make sure that this very moment was captured so that we could begin the work toward a time machine that will save not only this world but all of the universe from the almost inevitable recombining that it will do after it stops expanding.

    But yeah, there must be a reasonable explanation.


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