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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nastycup: #1 Drinking Game in December 1999

Downloaded 30,000 times in three months, #1 drinking game on Zooass.com for the month of December 1999, and the worst possible game to play.. evar. Yeah we go waaaay back, so get your 100 sided Dustin Onash and play right now with the people you hate. Typically playing while hashing out the D&D 4e rules would be discouraged, but implied.
Disclaimer: We are not held responsible for what you put in the cup. Piss, ashtray contents, and ham are not uncommon. Be advised when mixing beer and white russians, vomiting may occur.

Nasty Cup By Gary Esposito & Major Asselin

Ground Rules

As you can plainly see, there are 100 dice rolls, and oddly enough, 100 rules to play by. To play the game, you first need dice; 2 10 sided dice of any color or size. A percentile die would be much better if you can find it.. it looks like a 10 sided, except it has pips in multiples of 10. 10, 20, 30, and so on. Roll the two 10's and whatever the dice roll is, pick the corosponding number from the list. Got it? good. To keep the game going a good clip, quickly roll the dice, read the rule out loud, do what it says and hand the dice to the next person.

Optional House Rules & Terminology

Sloppy Dice: Drink roll again (when the dice fall off the table)
Thumb Rule: When the thumbmaster puts his thumb on the table, the last person to do so must drink.
Nasty Cup: The cup in which "nasty" resides.
Diddle Thy Nether Regin: Playing with yourself.
Bodyshot: Stick shotglass in breasts, drink from the breasts.
Sentance: Say a word. The next person says a word to try and complete a sentance. You must say the whole sentance everytime you add a word.
Waterfall: Everyone drinks starting with the person who rolled, you cant stop drinking untill the person ahead of you does first. Hence "waterfall".
Rhyme: First person says a sentance, the next person must make a sentance that rhymes with the first one.
Buck-Futter: Last person to say it, drinks.
Beer Bitch: The beer bitch must get everyone elses beer for them.
I Never: Say something you never have done. Those who havent done it, have to drink.
Viking Rule: The viking makes a fog horn sound and starts rowing. The last viking to stop rowing drinks.
Little Man: Before you drink, and after, you must remove the little man from the edge of your drink, and replace him.

01 - Make a rule
02 - Put something in the nasty cup, that is not alcoholic
03 - 10 = Drink the # in sips
11 - Add to nasty cup, drink it, then roll again
12 - Add a shot to the Nasty Cup
13 - Person not playing must drink
14 - Everyone drink
15 - Person to the left drinks once
16 - Person to the right drinks once
17 - Person across from you drinks once
18 - In Alphabetical Order, everyone drinks (5 then 4..)
19 - You are the Thumb Master. (Thumb Rule, see above)
20 - You are now a Viking. Add a shot to the Nasty Cup
21 - Consume half of your drink
22 - Girls Drink
23 - Guys Drink
24 - Drink while spinning around counterclockwise
25 - Anyone over 21 Drinks
26 - Drink, Roll Again
27 - Drink Twice, Roll Again
28 - Skip your next Turn
29 - Skip the Next Person, Drink once
30 - Reverse Order
31 - I Never
32 - You are the Beer Bitch, Drink it bitch
33 - Sentance
34 - Take one sip from Nasty Cup
35 - Hump persons leg to left or Drink twice
36 - Radomly switch everyone's drink, no one may have the same drink, roll again
37 - Yell Random Obscenity, Drink Twice
38 - Add a shot to the nasty cup
39 - Point to someone and say first thing that comes to mind, drink
40 - Pass out 5 Drinks
41 - Waterfall
42 - Rhyme
43 - Add a shot to the nasty cup and drink it
44 - Kyle Drinks (or other name of your choice for all names)
45 - Major Drinks
46 - Tyler takes 10 Drinks
47 - Gary takes a sip
48 - Drink the persons drink to the left
49 - Drink the persons drink to the right
50 - Taste of the nasty cup
51 - Pour a shot into someones mouth, your choice
52 - Pour a bit of your drink into the nasty cup
53 - Next person to say drink, drinks five
54 - Pick any number from this list
55 - Roll again, drink three times
56 - Drink through a straw from now on
57 - Remove a rule, or accept the Little Man rule
58 - Show your panties, drink
59 - Taste of the nasty cup
60 - Find Volunteer for bodyshot, if not, drink five times
61 - Quote from a movie, whoever cant must drink thrice
62 - Skip the next two people
63 - Roll Two more times, drink until done rolling
64 - Take a drink using no hands
65 - Make someone say a word before they talk, drink once
66 - Name a color that ends in URPLE, add to the nasty cup
67 - No bathroom for you for the duration of the game, drink
68 - Everyone Drinks
69 - Topic
70 - Play DuckDuckGoose, everyone you touch drinks
71 - Jump in the pool or drink four times
72 - Next person rolls twice, drink
73 - Everyone drinks twice
74 - Reverse
75 - Chose someone, they drink double on their next turn
76 - Bathroom break, go to the john and finish your drink
77 - Pass out a drink from the nasty cup
78 - Pour a shot into someones drink, your choice
79 - Buck Futter
80 - Call everyone a racial slur, Drink Thrice
81 - Pick a person, they drink however much you want
82 - Add a shot to the nasty cup, and drink it
83 - Hit a beer from the beerbong, or the person to your right may slap you while you drink
84 - Truth or Dare someone, drink
85 - Pinch a bodypart of the person next to you, drink
86 - Diddle thy nether regin or drink twice
87 - Last person who stood up is now the Beer Bitch, drink
88 - Take a drink from the persons drink across from you
89 - Smell Nasty cup and take a drink from it
90 - Take a shot upside down
91 - You cannot go to the bathroom until you drink a whole beer
92 - Pass out 10 Drinks
93 - If your sitting across from a female take two drinks
94 - Next person who says Nasty cup must take a drink from it
95 - Do the chicken dance or drink 5 times
96 - Spin around 5 times or drink 5 times
97 - Anyone under 21 Drinks
98 - Moo everytime you drink from now on
99 - Chug all of nasty cup. poor sot.
100 - Make a rule


  1. whatif i dont have dice???

  2. These type of games bring back memories. I'm gonna play waterfall/ring of fire/circle of death this weekend. What better way to celebrate our independence than getting unreasonably drunk.

    Nasty cup got banned in my circle of friends. We had some pretty messed up people, and eventually people just refused to play. If we wanted to play we were reduced to playing in groups of 2 or 3 and it was never for fun. It was only played to destroy your enemies.

    If you don't have dice there are card alternatives that are just as fun and will knock you and your friends socks off.

  3. I have talked to people from different states who have known of and played Nastycup. To think it was created in Whiksey Creek on Florida soil is strange.. otherworldy even!


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