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Monday, July 12, 2010

Heavy Metal Mondays - Part 2

Heavy Metal Mondays Hath Returned!
I just wanted to talk about the sound track real quick and post a few links really. I like Heavy Metal Mondays, and it was hot last week with the link-backs, sooo... Thats a big fuck-yes to HMM from here on out.
The soundtrack was not available after its initial 1981 realease until 1995, that also being the main reason why it was never released on VHS or Laserdisc as the rights could not be secured for the music. Bootlegs were widely available on the convention circuit. The film was first shown on Pay-Per-View and home video in 1996 following agreements from the record label.
Click the links below to listen to the respective tracks.

1."Heavy Metal" (Original Version) (Sammy Hagar) (3:50)
2."Heartbeat" (Riggs) (4:20)
3."Working in the Coal Mine" (Devo) (2:48)
4."Veteran of the Psychic Wars" (Blue Öyster Cult) (4:48) (badass, listen to this!)
5."Reach Out" (Cheap Trick) (3:35)
6."Heavy Metal (Takin' a Ride)" (Don Felder) (5:00)
7."True Companion" (Donald Fagen) (5:02)
8."Crazy (A Suitable Case for Treatment)" (Nazareth) (3:24)
9."Radar Rider" (Riggs) (2:40)
10."Open Arms" (Journey) (3:20)
11."Queen Bee" (Grand Funk Railroad) (3:11)
12."I Must Be Dreamin'" (Cheap Trick) (5:37)
13."The Mob Rules" (alternate version) (Black Sabbath) (2:43)
14."All of You" (Don Felder) (4:18)
15."Prefabricated" (Trust) (2:59)
16."Blue Lamp" (Stevie Nicks) (3:48)

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