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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Currently Reading 2 - The Lost Star by H.M. Hoover

Yes that's the book i just finished reading.

I had read a few other books by H.M. Hoover, namly The Return to Earth and Shepard Moon. I liked them both, though i thought they were not "adult" enough for me. I don't really need to have an adult theme, but i like the thoughts and ideas and jokes of adults, so there we go.

Lian Webster goes off planet with her parents when she is 16 and gets friendly with a cute and cuddly race of centaur teddy bears that everyone passes off as dumb, and no one give a shit. While her parents are off digging up bones and relics of time past (They are archeologists) she discovers ancient computers and an intelligence ancient race of.. centaur bear things.

I liked this book, i really did. It was very easy to read and it was old classic science fiction, which I'm into. Fighting, romance, and maybe some action would have made this better for me.

I give it 4 our of 5 centaur Tee Shirts. Available here.

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