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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Currently Reading 3 - Eon by Greg Bear

Having finished The Lost Star so quickly, i decided to get right into another book. I took vacation from work to spend some time at home with the wife and kid, and this book just flew by. Such a sharp contrast between the two books, Eon being the most adult, free thinking, man's novel, and The Lost Star being a coming of age Care Bear hug-fest, while using protection.

I wont name characters because there are so many, but ill run it down for you.

A huge asteroid shows up out of no where right outside of earth atmosphere. We send a bunch of astronauts to check it out and it turns out the asteroid is hollow and contains an abandoned city. A science team goes up to check things out, find a library, and discovers that the earth is going to die of nuclear winter in like month or so. Give or take.

You learn these vital details in first few chapters, and this is a 500+ page book, small typeface. (which reminds me, The Lost Star had a small typeface but the margins were fucked) people have sex, kill others, fight, meet alien species, travel to far away worlds, you name it, this book does not miss any of the elements.

I hearby declare this book officially the bomb. Amazon - Wiki

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