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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My name is food. Geek Food.

Think for a second.. what is your geek food?

When you are playing World of Warcraft or (insert MMO here) any other game, what is portable, tasty, and ready to eat while gaming in general?

Mine would have to be poptarts. You can eat them cold, they always taste the same, and the only preperation it takes to eat them is unwrapping. If you have to set it down for anyreason, you dont feel like a slob leaving it on your desk for a minute because it does not drip or leave behind tons of crumbs.

Looking for comments here. Link pictures if you can, like the did the One-Up Mushroom burger.

If you are not a gamer (Why are you here?) then explain perfect bathroom food, or food you can eat in the shower or while making a brownie deposit at the white porcelin bank.


  1. Cheez-its and/or Goldfish. I'm a cracker fiend, and it's perfect snack and gaming food.

  2. Do you have cracker dust and orange fingers? I hate that and avoid Doritos.

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  4. I have one answer to your question: Beer!


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