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Thursday, July 15, 2010

LORD - Legend of the Red Dragon (BBS Door Game)

Sweet god look at those awesome ANSI graphics. It's almost like im back at Gary's house waiting for my turn to flirt with Violet.

I had a Mac, so had to use a Hypercard terminal program to access BBS servers like Caffiene BBS and The Dragon's Den BBS. TNT online was available in our area but there was a cost to use it, so only the privledged (Gary) had it, and had access to all the new MUDD games as well. All PC users had to use was a COM program like LCcom or the like.

LORD, or Legend of the Red Dragon, was a BBS Door game invented by a guy named Seth Able who had way too much time on his hands. He saw other BBS servers that had cool games and had no money to license them, so he created his own. By word of mouth the popularity of the game spread and almost all BBS systems had a shareware copy (allowing you to play to level 7) of the game, at the very least.

Many a night was spent waiting for 12am so i could have my next turn. This was one of many distractions i have found over the years has been swept under the rug with alot of other classic games of old. Give this a chance, download it, have fun.

Download LORD - Visit MMO Version Website - WIKI


  1. I actually met Seth at the GDC (Game Developer Conference) in March 2003... He lives in Japan now with his wife (she's Japanese, she does artwork). He's awesome! He made a game called "Teenage Lawnmower" that is totally messed up and she did the artwork.


  2. Good call sir, ill check it out and add your link to hotlinks to the left.

    Brian, interested in being an author? Fame and global recognition await.


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