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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Top 10 things you can do with your early 90's Comic Books

I had alot of comic books and i traded them and sold them away for Magic: The Gathering cards in the late 90's. I had so much.. thousands and thousands literally. I miss them. Morgan bought a box from a friend and is really enjoying them. Some people look at them in discust and put them in their family's garage sale.

Yeah they are not worth as much as they were. Millions were printed, and printed, and printed again. Series were spun off into other series and spun off again. But don't throw them away just yet.

There is hope.

10) Sell them on craigslist.com. Pull your crap out of your guest bedroom.

Get on craigslist and post them for sale. $50 a box sounds good, then with the $50, goto Gamestop and guy Conan for XBOX360 so you can have virtual sex with maidens in distress. Crom!!

9) Find obscure funny advertisments for NES games.

My personal favorite. I love this shit.

8) Frame your Spawn #1, put it next to your spawn VHS poster.

People do this. No really.

7) Wallpaper.

I did this in 9th grade, with all X-Force comics. My girlfriend is like "Why! They could be worth money!" Yeah, just like Turkish Lira.

6) Hostess ads:
Thank you Seanbaby for causing this to be popular.

5) Price check!
Get a new Issue of Wizard magazine, then cry.. and cry hard. You never know, sometimes you might find a diamond in there somewhere. (First appearance of Gambit is a good example, also the Superman death, black bag with armband)

4) Buy more.
Complete your worthless Cable #3-7 story arch. I'll ruin it for you, Cyclops is Cable's dad, and he cures the Techno-virus. I did not know a single friend of mine that did not go down the Drug Store on Main street and get at least one of these, (Cable #1) and no good 90's Comic collection should be without it. An awesome read is the Revenge of Sinister Six. The most printed comic arch of the 90's is.. good. There i said it.

3) Collect all the different Spiderman #1 covers.

I had the silver one. The one that was like more shiny, no not the silvery blue one the.. chrome one? This is a big one. Some are worth more than others. One was in a sealed bag.

2) Tape together your xmen #1 fold out.

Just rip it out and hang it up like the rest of the world. God knows every third kid in America had one hanging above his bed, right next to his black light poster of a mushroom.

1) Read them.

No better advice in the world. They may be not worth as much as they were, but god they are still awesome to read on the shitter. Some really, really good comics were seeing the light of day and tons of characters were being introduced. People were created and then killed in the same comic, only to be resurrected down the road to be killed again.

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