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Friday, July 9, 2010

Celebrity Video Games: Shaq-Fu

I was a pretty easy going kid during the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo wars, only because i owned both systems and thought it was cool to have the newest games on two systems to tell the difference between the two.

Shaq-Fu was not one of those games.

My 12th birthday i recieved both the SNES and GenS version of Shaq-Fu for some reason. Some mother may have seen it for 9.99 in the bargain bin and decided she had got away cheap, and her friends little cocky richy-rich buddy who thinks he is better than everyone else (me) needed a black man to show him how to basketball-fight.

I may have played the game for about 10 minutes on the SNES and about an hour with friend on the GenS. As soon as the birthday party was over i was begging my dad to take us to Hollywood Video in downtown Burlington VT to trade the games for something i would like. I do remember the GenS version much more playable than the SNES variant. Anyways. I think i got a Super Scope game, not sure. I loved the Super Scope 6, and would play it still had i not sold it in a garage sale with all my other stuff.

from toplessrobot:

The top 10 worst Celebrity Video Games

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  1. No one likes shaqfu. thanks for reminding everybody


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