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Monday, July 5, 2010

Back to the Future Trifecta in Place

It has happened..

*The clock on the dash of the Delorean in BttF was set to July 5th, 2010.

*Today is actress Claudia Wells' birthday, she is 44 years old. (Jennifer, 2nd and 3rd movie)

*Today in 1951, Huey Lewis was born, later to sing, 'Back in Time'.

The trifecta is complete.

To stay on topic, here are some other things i shit out on snakepeople.net once upon a time, with the same subject.

Assembled by Gary Weaver over the span of 6-years, this Back to the Future-inspired DeLorean (movie perfect) is the most accurate ever. It was "built on a beautiful, super-clean, stock 1981 5-speed DMC-12 with over $16,000 of mechanical work and upgrades performed at DMC California in September of 2008." He later sold it on ebay to someone in Texas for $60,000. To see more pictures of the inside and out, go here.

Someone made a mod for Crysis that allows you to go back in time with a Delorean. This is by far the best Mod i have seen in a long time. Set the time circuits, flames from the tires, ice all over, everything perfect!

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