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Friday, July 9, 2010

Hole in the Sky - 1997 Edition - Realmz Review

Welcome to the Unknown Hole in the Sky, 1997 edition. Ill be updating from my Mac LCIII in the living room while i talk on AOL version 3.o to my online girlfriend from Minnesota. Her name is... Robin. I love her. ;-).

Today we will be review the Macintosh game, Realmz. Its a game made by Fantasoft LLC. I was at my friends Brian's house after school and we called that number so we could get the cloud expansion for $5.00. My dad said if washed the car he would get it for me, which is prety cool of him.

The system requirements for Realmz are: A 68020 processor, 15MHZ (Pahleeze! I have the new 33MHZ lc68040!! lol) 8 megs of ram, and a 50 meg hardrive. If you don't have 256 colors or at least 1 meg of video ram installed.. your in trouble as your graphics will be the sUxOrz!

The first thing i noticed after installing the game from the 3.5 disk is that its pretty big; and each expansion has a new folder which is also pretty big. I had to delete a few things out of my picture folder to make sure i had 100 megs left for photoshop to run right. The games loaded fast and character creation was tight. The graphics were amazing on my 13 inch MacBright monitor to say the least.

I named my character Kevlar because thats what bulletproof things are made out of. :-0. I noted right away that i was in a town and i could interact and click on things and that was pretty cool. Again i can't explain how sharp and awesome the graphics are. The stone background on the item screen looks like real rock/stone stuff!

I'd say Realmz gets a 4 out of 5 flaming dragons. (flaming dragons are like stars in my rating system)



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  2. This was excellent, I totally get it. I love these retro reviews you should do more of them. Good timing too, especially since I was looking at some old dos text-based dungeon games. You know... the ones where you had to contact the creator in order to finish them because the last command had to be in Klingon or you died...

    I'm gonna go play Mindseed now.


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