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Friday, July 2, 2010

Game Changers

Core sets have been boring for years. Long time Magic players largely ignore them, and new players don't find them interesting. There just wasn't anything new. Last year however Wizards revamped everything and gave us Magic 2010 or M10. Half of the set had familiar cards that you would expect to see (<3 you Craw Wurm!), and the other half was brand new. This certainly created a nice balance for new and old players alike, but it also did something that no one really expected. It changed the face of standard.
Baneslayer AngelJace, the Mind Sculptor
Those of you not familiar with Baneslayer, take a second to get acquainted . She's a 5/5 with 5 abilities for 5. Pretty damn awesome in any format, and to the rejoice of all, she will be returning in M11.
Blue White control has enjoyed it's reign at the top in several standard events for the past couple months, and even managed to take first at a GP. Jund is still the deck to beat, and likely will be until the deck rotates in the Fall, but with the release of Magic 2011 next week, Wizards again looks to shake up the format.
Hey Baneslayer, suck it. Where red's previous options were limited to double lightning bolt, or sorcery speed removal, it now has the (potentially main board-able) answer to the best creature in the format. And for only one red, it can easily be splashed in any deck that can support it. Between this, the new Leyline, and the new red version of twincast, it's obvious why Baneslayer has fallen nearly $20 since M11 was announced.

Speaking of game changers, Mana Leak is back. Yes, finally, a two mana counterspell. The thing blue has been lacking since 8th edition. Oh, and this bit of ridiculousness.

Standard has been nothing but boring since Lorwyn rotated. There has just been no real chance for variation. You either play Jund, or you lose. That's all about to change however, and who would have thought that a core set would be the thing to do it?

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  1. The game has changed so much, and yet so many things still stay the same.

    Richard Garfield to the design department: "Guys i need you to make a few over powered cards, it will be cool. Remember Lord of Tresserhorn? Yeah like that."

    Design guys: "Okay, you da boss."

    Richard Garfield: "Living wall was a penis. ROFLcopter."


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