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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fist of the North Star: Gushing Head Geyser Edition

One of the first Anime movies i have ever watched. Late one night Gary decided to drag me to BlockBuster where we found this gem on the shelves. Up until this point, the most gore we had seen was one of the ending zones in Bubblegum Crisis. Yeah i know, pink robots.

Nothing could prepare us for the fountain like gushers we would witness.

The Main character grabs people heads and crushes them while their body spasms for minutes on the ground. For some reason when he touches someone, their head splits open and their brian ruptures out, with the exception of his brother who wears a cage on his head.

Each 'boss' gets larger and larger, and made out of stone or steel, etc... but all he has to do is touch the mountain sized man of steel and his head bursts, spraying its contentents with great pressure. The animation is pretty crude, but I think it was made in the early-mid 80's so it's not that bad for it's time. Ultra animated violence on a grand scale.. what could be better?

Just watch the video, i can't stress the head rupturing more.
Click on the 4th part of the movie, and fast forward to 3:28 for the ultimate in head fountaining. The animation clearly shows the brain, and the swelling from the inside, the giant geyser that follows.
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  1. love this movie. you should add some info on the live action version.


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