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Saturday, July 30, 2011

WOW Macros: Is there a gray area?

No I have not got mine in the mail yet; it's been shipped but that's about it. I have no idea when it will get here, but, in the meantime i have researching if there is any loopholes in the Blizzard TOS that i should know about regarding macros, and i found a few.

-Key binds, spell casts, single action keys, basic movement.

Not okay:
-Combinations of the above in any way, as a standard action, resulting in more than one action.

The facts:
-10 milliseconds is the limit on a button press, after that, another button may be pressed. Key Response in client is between 5 and 7 milliseconds.
-Patterns are recognized in groups of 10. They was implemented to stop people from playing without being there, or gliding.
-If you execute the same macro that results in the actions stating above, your flagged.
-Button interpretations are based on a standard keyboard format, in a varying number of keys depending on what keyboard you have.
-Most macros keys are not picked up by the client themselves, but the resulting depressions of those macros are registered as such.

I made a few macros and tried them out with the X6 Keyboard for a dry run before i got all crazy with the Nostromo. Other people set theirs up to shift and control, using a static key to switch between to the two, pressing the combination to fire spells. I wont have to do that.

Using a modified Joy-To-Key program, i was able to remap these buttons to single made up key that i created, a virtual key if you will. The key press on the Nostromo will activate this key that i made that does multiple things that are not normal.

-Changing the standard key depression from 10 milliseconds to 9.
-Holding an unlimted amount of buttons at once, or grouping several buttons to one key
-While the first "virtual key" is being depressed with who knows whats on it, another virtual key can be depressed at the same time, activating the information from the first key (requires timing fuctions from the X6)
-The Warcraft client will recognize these button presses as single actions from the key that is not in existance at all, hence when the spell fires, its as if i held down the shift and (blank) keys myself, and let go, thus firing the spell, movement, etc..
-Mapping more than one virtual key to a different virtual key, then trigger it with another key by pressing, for instance, the spacebar.
-Endless strange possibilities that i have yet to explore.

I guess what I'm trying to say is you could, in theory, make a "Dueling Macro" and a "PVE Macro" and a "Escape Macro", maybe even a "Run to the bank, put everything in the bank, then join a group" macro. These keys could be mapped to any trigger, so long as they go through the keyboard interpereter last. After that i makes no difference what is behind it, your only really pressing one key to make it all happen.. and since the keys never existed, WOW does not pick up on it.

I'm guessing this will be resolved in some patch now that i have talked about it, but then again i heard people are out there "Gliding" still. Who knows.

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