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Friday, July 22, 2011

Best Buy - Do they suck as much as people say?

Yes. Yes goddamnit, yes.

Their prices are not all that great. Their specials are not all that special, and the shirts they wear are blue, and my favorite color is fucking gray. Their help is generally underpaid, and they know it, and it reflects in their attitude, which blows.

I'll tell you my quick Best Buy story which has made news on several sites many years ago. I walked into a Best Buy here in Fort Myers Florida shortly after it opened to buy a new Voodoo 3 video card so i could be up to date with my computer in time for the launch of (wait for it) Diablo II.

I walked in, i made my purchase. I thought to myself as i was leaving, "I'm not going to let that guy check my reciept at the door. I paid right? He can't do anything." In a way, looking back, i was right he could not do anthing, but i did not know this at the time and was just being a shit-bag in general. I walked out the door and let the short haired fat kid in a yellow polo yell at me the whole way out. He chased me into the parking lot, and at that point i turned around and saw two other manager type people coming my way, one of which got into a car i presumed his own. He kept trying to hold my arm while i pleaded with him that i piad, you can't detain me, please let me go and so on. I got into my bronco, laughed for a second, and looked into my rear view mirror to see if anyone was there. The manager(?) had pulled his car up behind mine to block me off and sitting, smiling in his car on his cell phone. I smiled back, put my 4X4 truck with oversized tires in drive and slowly drove over the parking bumps in front of me and drove home.

I bragged to all my friends about my little episode, and wrote about it on a Best Buy sucks website where people bitch aboput how much they hate them. The people who bitch on these sites are mostly just people who don't know anything about computers and don't understand what it means when they say it costs money to fix things, and in this, i sympathize. I late looked up the legalities on detainment at stores in Florida and found out it was very, very against the law in every reguard. I called the manager, i told him what happened, he admitted it was him, so i called the police and tried to have him arrested for assault.

You may be asking yourself, 'Why would you do such a thing?' Well, because I'm an asshole, also work retail, and want to show people what you can and can not do. I had something to prove, and i started it, so might as well end strong. I met the police officer at the Best Buy, it being close to my house, and we had a nice sit down conversation about what happened. We reviewed the tape. The police officer looked at the manager and asked him several questions about detaining customers, touching people, chasing people etc.. He then asked me if i wanted to have him arrested. The manager looked very shocked, but i knew i had one and really didnt want this poor dick head to goto jail on my account. In conclusion, i bought my copy of Diablo II after i left the managers office, paid with my Best Buy card and walked out the door with the manager in tow, asking me if i wanted a gift card.

To break open an old wound, i went in there after work on Thursday looking for a simple cable for an Ipod, one that converts the Ipod/Iphone port to an RCA jack. I noticed several for sale online, nothing over $10.00, so i thought i would bite the bullit and buy it at Best Buy. Their price? $39.99.. for the same brand and packaging. I asked the sales represenative why there was so much of a price difference, and she apologized for the high prices and walked away, but not before telling me all their Apple accessories were higher priced, because they don't make much money on the actualy unit it is for. I can accept that, you have to make a buck after all.

For a benchmark, i priced and took a picture of a headphone male to headphone male adapter. The kind of plugs that are normally given to you when you buy a cheap MP3 player or sound card. Best Buy's price - $19.99. But it was hanging in the Ipod section, so someone may buy it. I went to two other locations to look for the same adapter, one of the most common on the market today. Walmart had their most expensive option for $7.78, and it was also available online for the same price. Raido shack had a huge selection of adapters in different lengths and sizes for about .99 cents and up to around $3.00.

Dear Best Buy, you suck, your expensive, and your exmployees should cater to dicks like me.

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