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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Still no packages in the mail today.

I just talked to my wife and she told me nothing had arrived today. For those of you who are keeping track I'm expecting the Nostromo, which I'm reading and watching reviews about as we speak, and the Raptor 7.1 headset built for World of Warcraft epic ear sounds and stuff.

When all the pieces of the puzzle come together I'm going to post two reviews: One for the way i use to play- basically a entry level dual core with mid-grade parts and accessories-, and the way i will be playing- All the new fangled gadgets i can possibly afford that are recommended by 'Super Gamers" and master MMORPG players around the world.

I did count up all the macros i will have at my fingertips: 213. What am i going to do with that many? I did see a hardware control panal meant for flight simulators that had manual bank switches on it to change your macros. My keyboard has three, the nostromo will have four, and the mouse has two. With the control panal, i could have a possibility of changing the formula, having almost an unlimited amount of posibilities. (i dont need them i know, but i have to know for fucks sake)

There is a knob... Let me find a picture of it.

Okay so i saw a youtube video of a guy playing WOW on his laptop, using this knob to scroll through his keyboard macros. It comes with custom software so you can map it to any key. I'm considering buying one this week to test it out. From what i can tell, i can route it to the bank switches on the keyboard, mouse, and nostromo at the same time, linked to the same key, and change the whole thing on the fly but turning this little gadget. Amazon has them for 29.97, so its cheap, and we shall see. (i dont need this either)

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