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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Microsoft X6 Gaming Keyboard and X8 Mouse Review

I'm not going to say what has already been said if you type in either of these devices on google.

It's a really good keyboard. (Sidewinder X6 Gaming Keyboard)

When i press on the keys, it makes a soft clicking sound that reminds me of when i was typing on an old Apple IIe. The response is better than average, which makes me feel that getting the wired version was not a bad idea. I have several wireless ones that could never match this one. With all the glowing lights and pulsing radiance, i doubt anything but a USB one would be feasable. I have yet to use the macro buttons but i played around with them. The dials for the lights and volume are huge, but work very well. The detachable number keypad on the side can be moved to either side really, but i find myself just staring at it and not really using it just like before.

Pros: It glows and stuff. Springy keys, fun things to press, it glows.
Cons: Huge, detachable keyboard is really just over kill. 90 Macros?

A mouse is a mouse is a mouse is a mouse... (Sidewinder X8 Gaming Mouse)

The X8 mouse is not as big as i thought it would be. Several macro buttons abound, which i have used and enjoyed. I've always liked a few macro buttons on my gaming mice, i seem to use them more as i don't have to look and see where they are.. i can feel them. DPI settings for mouse sensitivity are mostly over looked, but when i press them, a LCD screen lights up red on the side which is cool, so i press them alot. The plug in is awesome. Its magnetic, super super long, and the hockey puck the cable is stored in comes with more "feet" so you can choose how your mouse glides over what surface. This i would deem over kill only because when i unscrew the top of the "puck" it appears as if i'm going to put on make-up from a small jar, but in actuality I'm about to fuck people up on Modern Warfare. It uses a blue laser under it, which is cool, but i almost wish it was red because everything fucking glows and pulses red on my desk.

Pros: Looks like the tumbler from Batman Begins, LCD Screen, Glows red
Cons: Hockey puck storage container makes me doubt my sexuality, Lights up blue underneath, i acidentally hit the buttons because there are so many.

After a few days using both the mouse and the keyboard together, I'd say i could not go back to the standard Microsoft mouse and keyboard i was using before. Sure, they never let me down, but they didnt glow blue and have fucking 90 extra buttons i'll never use.

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