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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RAZER Nostromo RZ07-00490100-R3U1 Keypad - Sigh.. I'm getting one

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If it's not obvious, i have been upgrading my gaming rig lately, for an upcoming bout with World of Warcraft crotch rash. About every four or five months I play me some WOW and i enjoy the shit oiut of it too. Typically a new patch (recently) or an expansion with being me out of retirement, get me to the newest level cap and get all the newest mounts/gear.

The last two times i made my return to WOW i bought a new Quad Core desktop from Gateway, a new 24" LED monitor from Asus, a 9800GT video card which im kinda disaapointed in really, and a wireless keyboard and mouse.

I was so disapointed with the walmart keyboard and mouse that i actually switched back to my standard Microsoft Keyboard and old wireless macro mouse from the days of yore. Since then I've made some documented purchases on the site:
-Sidewinder X8 Gaming Mouse
-Sidewinder X6 Gaming Keyboard
-Raptor H3 Gaming headset (not here yet)
-Razer Nostromo RZ07 Keypad (also not here yet)

I decided on the Nostromo after seeing someone playing with one at a convention years ago when Belkin use to own the company. The software was called Razer even then, and seems to be much the same to me, with some improvements. Sadly, i could never afford one, and by the time i could, i had got out of console gaming alltogether. For the past four years or so, I've stepped it up big time and starting gaming again.. both MMORPG, and whatever popular new titles that are out.

I think I'm ready for WOW now. I'm going to order my game cards and copies of Catacylsm for my wife and I and see whats good in the gaming community once more.

*Update* I forgot to mention why i have the 9800GT- it's really just not all that good. With a big monitor on high settings, frame rates drop HUGE. I'll be upgrading soon and i'll do a review on that too. For the record my current computer stats are below:

Gateway FX Series Desktop
AMD 2.8ghz quad core extreme (i love that word, extreme)
6gb ram (i think its corsair memory i could be wrong, i have 2 more gigs on my desk ready to go in)
Nvidia 9800gt (sucks)
7.1 srs digital sound card
24" asus led flat panal monitor
Logitech 7.1 speakers (kinda old)
-Sidewinder X8 Gaming Mouse
-Sidewinder X6 Gaming Keyboard
-Raptor H3 Gaming headset (not here yet)
-Razer Nostromo RZ07 Keypad (also not here yet)

It's been a long time since ive had a pretty updated computer, so im embracing this, and really getting my shit up to date.

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