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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Nostromo Arrived Today

I came home from work today to see that the Nostromo had finally arrived, after about a week in shipping hell. Don't get me started about the raptor headset; it still has not been shipped. It's being shipped by the supplier, which may have something to do with it, so that's that.

I unboxed this space-aged device from its hybernation sleeping chambers, to see this thing inside. The box is see-through with a magnetic cover to it so you can actually put your hand on it while it is still in the box, a tactic I'm sure has something to do with people wondering if it is comfortable or not. Inside the box were stickers for your computer case or whatever with the Razer logo, two manuals, and one bright green sheet of cut paper inviting you to be a part of The Cult of Razer. No I'm not kidding. It also lists all the gaming tourneys it has helped win.

One off thing about the packaging is that i did not see any driver CD or mention of a CD at all. In the manual it asks you to install the drivers, available online. That's fine, I'm just use to seeing that cool CD and case it comes in, and when I'm done with it, it can be assimilated into my collection of horded driver disks.

The software was a quick download and required a restart. It's set up pretty basic for such a high-tech thing. The entire left side of your keyboard and parts of your mouse are emulated with a snazzy, ergonomic, blue-glowing, gauntlet of game destroying power.

When I turned it on, this happened.

You can edit the layout however you may please, linking any number of buttons and combination of button presses you like. Switching macro setups between four choices lights colored LEDs on the unit in response. If you change a game, a click of the mouse can change the macros. For Warcraft players, this is a must. Different characters have different macros, setups, and spells.

Button response is great, and keys are very sensitive. I did not however take off the removable thumb pad thing that is attached to the top of the D-Pad. Other reviewers had said terrible things about it and i can contribute that to one thing: These people are pussies with small hands. I had no problem with the size or location of any of the buttons. I have to crunch my hand up a little bit to hit the first row of keys. I'm a man, and i have man hands, and i could see where having small hands may be a problem with something like this.

Gaming with it is great, everything works as advertised. There is no learning curve at all because of the way the buttons are layed out and the shape emulate the left side of the keyboard. I knew where all the buttons were before i had it out of the box. Two more things: It's bigger than it looks, would not fit on my keyboard tray.. which is not really something to complain about, i just thought it was worth mentioning. Also- i had to put a mousepad under it to stop it from sliding/lifting off the desk. It does not weigh very much and moves pretty easily.

-It glows
-Looks bad ass on my desk
-Everything works... great
-Could possibly make me a better gamer
-Reasonably priced at around $60.00USD
-I don't think my wife likes it, which makes me smile.. often.
-Came with stickers

-Does not glow red like everything else on my desk
-No included software, requires download
-Women and men with the hands of said women need not apply
-Is kinda big
-Slides on desk
-Does not smell like bacon

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