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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Glock 26 Review

Well, after a long hiatus I've decided to come back and since I don't have anything to report computer wise on my end, I've decided to do a review on my Glock 26 9mm handgun. First and foremost, if you are a hobbyist shooter such as myself who occasionally gets involved in some of the small time competition bouts that occur every so often, then you have probably heard of Glock so I'm not going to bother going into company details and history. So without further ado:

The Glock 26 9mm Semi Automatic Handgun

Small and lightweight, this is an outstanding choice if you choose to legally conceal carry. The gun is easily concealable in just about any pocket.

White bordered sights make acquiring a bead on a target easy, even in low light situations. This is a striker based firearm that does not utilize an external hammer.The weapon is pretty slim, not as slim as a 1911 .45, but slim enough.

A look down the business end.

 The frame is made of polymer, not frail plastic, it is VERY durable.

When it comes to magazine size, the Glock 26 magazines are capable of holding 10 rounds however the magazines from full frame Glock 9mm handguns will fit in the Glock 26 as they are backwards compatible.

Glock 26 Magazine - 10 rounds.

Glock 17 magazine - 17 rounds. Goofy looking but effective.

Glock 18 magazine - 32 rounds. Simply ridiculous but possible.

Taking the 26 apart is very simple, I am not going to show you here since there are thousands of 3 second YouTube videos showing you how. All Glock pistols break down the same way and have very few moving parts, that combined with their simplistic nature, make them VERY easy to clean and maintain.

The types of rounds I use are Winchester PDX +P 9mm hollow points. I would never use Full Metal Jackets in a self defense situation due to the danger of them going all the way through the intended target and hitting someone behind them.

All in all I give this weapon an A+, I have put hundreds of rounds through it and at least a thousand through my Glock 17 and have NEVER had any type of malfunction occur with either weapon.

Thanks for reading and yes, I did this pretty much at 3 am, couldn't sleep. I'll have more gun reveiws as well as computer posts later on.

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