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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Do Sex Dolls Dream of Inflatable... A Blade Runner Erotic Fan Fiction Reviewed

I'll make this clear now, I did not go around looking for an Erotic Fan Fiction of Blade Runner, but i was looking for something interesting to write this morning, as a back up when i can't find great pictures of bacon or deloreans, i go on a website called Literotica, and start clicking around. It's an erotic stories hosting site that is about 15 years old, and boasts about half a million stories. It's where i found the XXX Xanth stories long ago.

This story is by IrmaCerrutti, and is based in the Blade Runner universe. I'm obviously a big fan, so when i saw the title: "Do Sex Dolls Dream of Inflatable...", I almost shit my pants in pure excitment. lets look at some of my favorite exerpts from part 1 below.

"I laughed in surprise and delight and settled onto the pink heart shaped bed, writhing in anticipation of further ecstasy. I gazed lovingly at Lesley's full breasts, her gorgeous skin, her huge cock."

Wait what! WHAT. There must be some mistake. Lets take another look here...

"I gazed again at her huge cock. "Hm, interesting," I purred, "where did that come from I wonder?" I giggled and licked my lips, completely past caring about such an unexpected phenomenon."

Mother fucker. I knew it. I knew this story was too good to be true. Son of a bitch. Well, lets scroll down and give it another chance here. Let's goto the end..

"Her spunk was hot and tasted of cream and sugar. I have a very sweet tooth, so I sucked away and licked up and down her huge length."

Oh that is fucking it. Why on god's green earth would anyone write this pile of shit. I guess it would be a good time to explain that the main characters name in the story is Irma, the authors name. Alot of erotic fan fiction authors put themselves in their stories to 'live out' their fantasy, and having people read their fantasy completes that thought process.. i'm guessing.

I had no idea this story would be of transgender/homosexual nature. Most stories are crazy like this, and to show everyone the general idea, i picked this fan fiction from about 10 fucking transgender robot sex stories, that i read not knowing, in a row.

Click here if you want to be ashamed, embaressed, frightened.. or just want to read this hot mess.

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