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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

If Bruce Lee & Aaliyah had a badass kid...

...this would be her. I don't know who this girls PR Rep is, but she needs to fire his sorry ass. How can it be that I have never seen this chick before? She is amazing. Holy Shit, I just had to go watch this video again. Look, I have never been a stalker before, but I think this dogs day has come. I just smacked my fiance' out of a dead sleep just to tell her I am leaving to go find this Superhero Singer Model Actress, Victoria Vives. I have seen a lot of actor/actresses try to do the moves, but this chick actually knows her shit. Hate to tell ya ladies, but hot chicks who watch, know and can preform martial arts are so fuckin' SEXY as HELL. And men will do anything for them. So all those times when you bitched and moaned about watching a Kung Fu flick and made him change it, later that night, it was just an anger-bang....trust me. And if you still think I'm kidding, give it a try. I'll say 'I told ya so' in the morning when you're icing it down.

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