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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Playorc.com - Detailed Orc Sex (with pictures!)

What i feel right now has nothing to do with what's in my pants.. no not at all. This is a different sensation alltogether, like puking on puke.

I stumbled upon this site for something to make me laugh and give me ideas about writing. Playorc.com is part of the Orc Magazine website, where they feature hand drawn Orc women in various forms of undress and often having sex. It's a take off on Playboy i suppose, except it's all fan art and it all pretty much sucks. Sometimes you find a diamond in the rough:

Orc/human rape is always good.

On the main page is a huge elaborate fan fiction called "The Tales of the Wars" for no other reason if just to have it. I guess you read the fan fiction then look at the hand drawn Orc titties and beat the meat. I considered it, then threw up on myself. Of course, i read the fan fiction, which is not all that bad if you take out all the orc pussy-tight references. How can an orc pussy be tight? It's like a foot long for god's sake.

 Memorable quotes from Book 1: The prelude to War

"Then, on the sixth day, something unforeseen happened. In the early afternoon, on a hot summer day, an orc walked very near the bush she had been concealed in and began to urinate. She had heard tales of the mythical size of Orcish manhood. They turned out to be true."

"He roughly grabbed a thigh with one hand while uncoupling his belt with the other. A thick slab of Orc manhood came down upon her crotch, it's weight quite apparent."

"His length was enough to fill her there too. She felt the two cocks begin to move within her, and shortly another tube was thrust into her face. She felt ecstasy as the three seemed to fight each other for her. Three cocks thrust into her at a time, and her head swam as though she was fevered."

I can't post any more than that. It goes on and on, more of the same. Someone really likes the Orc Pie.. which is fine by me. Now if morgan can find the live action version of this, I'll kiss his ass.


  1. well, pucker up baby, the search is underway!

  2. If there was a live action version of this, I woudln't still be working for a living.

    I'm also surprised that some filk I wrote a decade ago is still getting any attention. :)

  3. If you in fact wrote this, post your real name, oh Anonymous one, for we need such must as this to propigate our popularity on these, the internets.

  4. My name's right there on the Playorc post you lifted my story from. And from the review, I doubt you're really interested in any kind of mature discussion. :)

  5. Yeah, you're right. I really just want to read more stories about Orc sex. I'm serious.


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