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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I was banned from Digg - Part One

Last night i was banned from the website http://www.digg.com/.

I'm a long time user and have been submitting links for a long time, at the rate of about one per week. When i get around to it i submit 2 or 3 but i rarely abuse the process and keep it to a minimum. Before i really get started, Digg allows unlimited posting and unlimited comments, and encourages their users to get busy.

Yesterday i found out the limit of that. If you comment on someone else link four time in 24 hours, you get flagged for your account to be banned. If you submit more than four links in a day, you are flagged to get your account banned. If you post any links, add too many friends, scroll too fast, or change your profile significantly, you are being flagged for your account to be banned. Bascially, Digg team members are cocksuckers.

I had commented on four nerdy/geek stories my Digg friends had posted with legitimate comments over 24 hours. My comments were replied too and given the big thumbs up. Digg responded to this by banning me around 10pm last night, and sending me this email:

Your account was reported to us as being in violation of our Terms of Use (http://about.digg.com/tou) that you agree to when you registered for Digg.com.
Specifically spamming Digg stories with spam comments.

From Digg Terms Of Use (http://about.digg.com/tou): 5. USER CONDUCT

7. to submit stories or comments linking to affiliate programs, multi-level marketing schemes, sites/blogs re-purposing existing stories (source hops), or off-topic content;

10. to advertise to, or solicit, any user to buy or sell any products or services. It is also a violation of these rules to use any information obtained from the Services in order to contact, advertise to, solicit, or sell to any user without their prior explicit consent;

We must be vigilant in protecting against activities that compromise the Digg community, we'll unban your Digg account if you agree to Digg's Terms Of Use.

Thank you,

-The Digg Support Team.
P.S. We are cocksuckers and love to suck huge black cocks.

I was told it would be no big deal and my account would get reactiviated, but this is seriously a huge pain in my ass. Because I'm having a hard time keeping this site going with fresh visitors.. being new and all.. Digg.com helps me with about 20% of my viewership. So I need this website, i thought it was cool, and I may have to get along without it if this shit keeps happening. If anyone is reading this and your clicking a link from Digg.com, help a brother out and email these fuck-tards, tell them they suck for me. I would do it myself but I'm not even able to access their help form.

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