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Sunday, August 1, 2010

World's Greatest Laptop

I became obsessed with laptops after i realized i could never fix them. I had been given an IBM Toughbook by a buisnessman client i had when i ran a small Computer fix-it-up buisness.. this was back when it was still cheaper for me to fix it, then pay the Best Buy Garuntee. I told him i would fix it, but would need time because i had never seen or worked on an IBM Toughbook, and it seemed welded together. He did not pay me up front, which was customary, and for whatever reason, i never saw him again.

I found a friend who knew more than i did about such thingds that worked at a competetor, so he helped me out in exchange for some driver disks and such. I got the beast running again and instantly fell in love. Nothing could hurt this monster. I was not afraid to toss it in the back seat with a bunch of tools, or throw it on the kitchen table roughly. You could spill a beer in the keyboard and it would not blink an eye. This being my first PC Laptop i thought all PC laptops were like this, and was throughly impressed.

Over a year later Joe Buisnessman came back to my Duplex apartment and asked for his computer back. I told him its been a year or more, and that it would cost him $500 for the repair. He paid with cash, and took the best thing i have ever owned out of my life.. well besides my car.
Forget huge screens and AlienWare bull shit, that Toughbook was blazing fast, bulletproff and water proof. When you hit the CD eject button, the CD rom flipped up from under the keyboard. WHAT. They are made by Panasonic now, which is fine and they look pretty much the same. They come in touchscreen, tablet, and fucking awesome. Below is a video of some guys pouring water and driving cars over one, and show it still works. For those who wonder what i have now, click here. (mine is the 16.4in screen, black on black)

And now for some other laptops i think are nice, but they dont have the Fabled Mistress Port, so they are just OKAY.

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