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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Obscure Cartoo.. Bravestarr!

I'm not going to lie, Bravestarr is a badass cartoon. Super futuristic cowboys with lazers blow shit up, save lives, the world, and always laugh at the end of every episode. One episode in particular, a bit character get hooked on a drug called "Spin", gets fucked up and addicted, and dies. Yes overdoses and dies right there on the spot. Like most Filmation cartoons of note, there is a lesson to be learned at the each episode, and in Bravestarr, it's don't get fuck with "Spin."

The trailer is obviously badass, and like most Filmation shows that never made it, way over funded and excellent animation.

All the characters in the show can channel their "Spirit Animal" and turn loose a whole fuckload of hell upon their enemies. Their mounts, or sidekicks, are horses that can talk, make jokes, and also have tons of special powers. The setting: New Texas. Fuck yeah. Customary Episode:

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