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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Obscure Cartoons of Awesomeness - The Mighty Orbots

I can't say i watched this when i was kid and that says alot. I was almost glued to the TV until the age of 12, and even then managed to watch pick up shows in syndication before school started.

The Mighty Orbots is a cartoon with, dare i say, remarkable production values and a gigantic budget. For 1983, i don't think i've seen a better cartoon. Obviously Japanese and Anime driven, The Mighty Orbots ran for about 6 months in 1984 on ABC, and then in Japan around the same time. Spanning 13 episodes, it was lost and never aired again. Time to thank Youtube yet again.

Robots are everywhere because Japanese people are obsessed with such things, and Andriods are bad guys, one in particular is some kind of super computer named Shadow. Or the group is named Shadow. Or what the fuck ever. They fight the bastards with their robots and shoot shit. Alot of talking for a cartoon but seriously good, and and stands the test of time. Check out an episode:

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