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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Readyboost.. What the fuck is it?

Do you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista? Do you have a USB 2.0 flashdrive or SD card laying around?

Then you are ready for Readyboost.

Ill sum it up for you. Insted of using your hard drive for Virtual Memory, and caching filenames and programs, Readyboost allows you to buffer (like VM) on your SD or thumbdrive which is about 14 times faster than your hardrive, or more. Significant gains can be made with computers with 1GB of ram and under, but even powerhouse computers can find some speed gains when opening large files or programs like Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft office. Click here for the full overview.

How To

1) Put a thumb drive in, about twice the space as your maximum amount of Ram.

2) Select Readyboost from the menu that pops up, its at the bottom.

3) Move the slider all the way over to the right and let the whole amount be used. You can have up to 256gb of Readyboost. wow.

Did i see an increase?

I saw a 30% increase in loading programs on average, especially in Photoshop when loading large images. I noticed a 12 second reduction in boot time. 12 seconds! World of warcraft had a noticabled difference as well, even more so when using the Windows Media Player trick.


  1. I need a bigger flashdrive. wonder if my phone will work? its 32g

  2. must be SD or flashdrive, no your phone wont work, but you can make calls from it. or jailbreak it like everyone else.

  3. make calls from it? thats probably its worst feature.

  4. I need to know what the windows media player trick is!!!! I have to know!!!


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