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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Obscure Cartoons part whatever - Blackstar

I'm not obscessed. I just like things not alot of people pay attention to. Enter the cartoon Blackstar. I really like this one. (Anything Fantasy really)

This was Filmation's pretty early edition into the Animation marketplace, and it shows. Not bad really, like a watered down Conan, which was very popular at the time. Think Thundarr, and mix in a little bit of the Conan animated series and you have this. Mildly popular in Canada, Blackstarr was the precursor to He-Man, and the smililarities are much too obvious. Just change the title, and it may pass as He-Man. Made in 1981.

People looking for the Powerstar or fuckstar or Porksword or whatever and they need it to fuck shit up. I really can follow this, but it takes 3 Nattie Light tall boys and a luke warm ham and cheese sandwich to process the data so i don't think it's He-Man. As always, here is an episode:

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