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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Captain EO: Michael Jackson... Apocalypse.. FOOOOOM!!!!!!

The most expensive movie in the world to make, and you have never heard of it.
It cost $30 million to produce, which does not seem like much, but if you break it down per minute, thats 1.76 million per fucking minute.
Disney got George Lucas and Jim Henson involved for the special effects and puppetry. So what we have now is Labyrinth in space, essentially. To direct, Michael got Francis Ford Coppola to jump in on the project, as he directed a few of his best projects, namly, Bad. (Starring Wesley "I'm Amistad Black" Snipes)
Watch the movie real quick and let me know what you think.

If you didnt notice, it was originally filmed in an experimental 3D process, later adapted as "4d" and recycled for Terminator 3D, Emlo 4D and Aliens 4D. The fourth dimension they refer to is touch, with thing built into the chairs spraying you with water or touching your neck, or in MJ's case, touching your 4 year old son.
Here is the making of.

Shame on me for posting any of this really, i just thought it was neat since he was dead and all.
Incoming Moonwalker review in 5... 4.. 3..................... 2....


  1. Forgot to mention this was shown at the Disney World, Land, and Euro Disney as an attraction for years and years. Don;t be surprised if you see this out on DVD soon to cash in on the MJ death thing.

    Personally i liked the dancing, singing and all that. Gary, back me up before i get flagged for gay.

  2. good post but your gay for liking the dancing

  3. My 4D experience wasn't bad. I was on my out of Disney one midsummer evening when one of the people in the group noticed that there was no line at this strangely small and featureless indoor theater. Simultaneously we all the the same thought: AIR CONDITIONING! As we trotted our sweat-soaked shirts down the lane I noticed the sign had some huge red letters that read something like, "Pregnant women might have their babies in here because of this ride" or "If you're over 60 you might lose your bowel or something" anyway, I got the idea that it was pretty intense.

    The air conditioning was great. (My shirt was almost dry) We were in a circle amphitheater type of thing, there was an person giving an introduction about the ride which of course I couldn't hear because "It's a small world" was still blaring in my head.

    Suddenly the badass space seat I'm in turns into a small prison as previously unseen... uhh... hmm... lets call them retainers, push sternly down on my shoulders. I admit I'm a pretty jumpy dude. I've punched people in the face by accident on more than one occasion (props to Nick, Eric, and Danny) for randomly scaring me in the dark. So I'm like, "WTF dude this is ride is bogus" (because I'm 14 and it's 1998)

    The ride continues and there is a scientist dude talking about an experiment. One thing leads to another and eventually an alien breaks out of it's 6 ft. long test tube while we're strapped in. We can't see because obviously the aliens presence somehow destroys every light source in the room. We hear him stomping around the room thanks to excellently placed speakers and pneumatic arms that hit the underside of the floor. The alien breathes on our necks from hidden holes in the back of the seat, and in the grand finale of this 4D shindig, the alien grabs the scientist and rips him to little pieces as what has to be water (right?) sprays on us from the place where we last heard the scientist. It was super badass, and...yes..at Disney of all places.

    The moral of the story here is "Saw: the Ride."

  4. That ride is now stitch's great escape at epcot.


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