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Monday, June 28, 2010

5 Things I like about the movie Hackers

I like the movie Hackers.. It's one of those movies that when it comes on TV i have to keep watching it and i don't know why. My friends and I skipped school to see this movie, being self proclaimed hackers ourselves. We left with that shit-eating look on our face saying, "You cant do that with a Mac!" and let everyone who wanted to know the movie sucked. Then i bought it when it came out, and the soundtrack and listened to the infection that are those sweet DJ mixes and compilation mixes. So good was the soundtrack, it had 3 incarnations.

5) The game Wipe Out; used as some kind of arcade game. The game was in its prototype form when it was used in the movie. Some elements seen i the movie never made it to the game.

4)The complete bullshit they make up, senseless techno-jargon and made up computer programs.. eh. The whole cast had to go through typing training to give the appearance of having used a computer before.

3) The Music. Prodigy VooDoo people, Connected, DJ mixes.. Just great stuff.

2) Angelina Jolie's 19 year old breasts. Fastforward to 4:50 to see a wonderful dream sequence in which Johnny Lee Miller gets raped.

1) The use of Macintosh computers for just about everything. This is the trailer below, count how many times you can see an Apple/Macintosh computer.
This hits home for me considering that all my friends and I used was Macintosh computers. At the time the movie came out, we had Performa, LCIII, and Power Mac computers. I only knew a few people that had a PC, and i knew more people with Macs with DOS cards then actually PC users. (circa 1995)

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